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Welcome To Shri Gowri Homestay

Escape from the hustle and hassle of your everyday routine and come away to the Shri Gowri Homestay, where a serene world awaits you. Throw off all your worries and slip into the scenic, relaxed atmosphere and be pampered and rejuvenated..

Live Amidst Nature

Heritage Homestay

Family Friendly

Featured Facilities

Everything You Need Right At Home

24/7 Security

We take safety seriously through our dedicated team that stands watch.

Free Wifi

All rooms have good high speed Wi-Fi connectivity. watch. 24/7.

Washer Dryer

With three workout facilities, it's easy to stay active all 24/7.

Animal & Pet care

Everyday chores made easier equals more time for 24/7.

What They’re Saying

Shri Gowri Homestay, a place to visit when you feel like to be away from all the chaos of life , really want to relax and be at peace.


Seriously I’m in love with this place . So peaceful and a common nature where you can enjoy your time. Homestay is beautiful. You can celebrate birthdays too.


Thoroughly enjoyed the stay, very good place for couples, bachelor's and families too. Right on the nature, surrounded by greenery, cosy rooms with adequate facilities and you will love the ambience.


The resort is full of Environmental friendly and wonderful atmosphere. The Decoration and the Arrangements of Candle light dinner is Amazing. We really loves a lot.


Things To Do

All Activity at the Shri Gowri Homestay

Outdoor BBQ

Shri Gowri Homestay outdoor BBQ tour is a truly unique & interactive experience.

Nature Walk

Stroll around and fill your lungs with pure oxygen.

River Swimming

The water is very clean, fresh and safe, best for your health.

There is ample space for the pets to frolic around the property.


The strongest of pet parents have canceled vacations at the wag of a tail and the most passionate of travelers have been guilt-tripped into staying at home with one glance into those big brown eyes. In a nutshell, leaving your pets behind while you set off on holiday is not so pleasant.

Have you ever been on a fabulous vacation and wished your dog could be there to enjoy it with you? Problem solved. This Latest-style four-bedroom villa welcomes pets with home-cooked meals and lots of open space to gallop around. This homestay is perfect for spending time with your family and pets. Wake up to fresh air, birds chirping, and an amazing view. Pets will enjoy the wide manicured lawns and the freshly made meals.

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Enjoy Your Stay!

Shi Gowri Homestay is located between nature of Udupi in the State of Karnataka.

Compact and Comfortable Rooms

Light, Air, Clean Design & Art Exhibition

Friendly Service and Fair Prices

Public Safety and 24/7 Security

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